Each move, regardless of its scope and distance, is a real logistic challenge. Even if we have a spacious car, our things, furniture and equipment won’t get packed by themselves. Besides, we should also properly secure, plan, arrange and insure our load, just in case.

Maybe it would be a good idea to use services of professionals? Is there any proven and reliable moving company in Warsaw? Let us present the moving company Max-Przeprowadzki. Why Max? Because we can handle even the biggest move. There are no limitations when it comes to the load that we transport, or the distance that we cover. We carry out removals of houses and apartments, offices, companies and institutions; we also provide regular transportation services. We ensure the storage of goods. We take care of furniture assembly, technical works and disposal of documents and office, apartment and house supplies. Where? We provide our services in Warsaw, Mazowieckie Woiwodship, throughout Poland; we also carry out international relocations.


przeprowadzki międzynarodowe Warszawa

Comfortable and safe removals, from small companies, through institutions, to large companies. From boxes of documents, through bookcases full of binders, to equipment and decor. Everything properly packed and secured.


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Changing the place of residence is always very challenging. From the student lodgings, through apartments, to houses in the suburbs. Our team will properly pack and secure every item. On request, we also conduct minor assembly works. 


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Through hundreds of kilometers, we transport hundreds of kilograms. For this reason, every stage of the moving process must be well planned. Usually, we transport all possessions of the customer. The value of such transportation cannot be priced, because furniture, photographs and documents of many generations, as well as attachment and memories cannot be expressed in terms of money.


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In our company’s seat, we have a spacious, properly secured warehouse. For a small fee, our customers can store their goods there during the move or even longer, for instance, if they do not have enough space in their office or apartment.


The move is completed, furniture is delivered but what about the assembly?

Furniture assembly is a real challenge. For this reason, you should put your trust in us. We have an experienced team of assembly workers, who cannot wait to meet another challenges. They will help with furniture assembly and give advice on the subject of how to arrange your space.

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How much will it cost? When, how and how long will it take? Call us or use a contact form. We will answer within 24 hours. We’ll give advice, tips and explanations.

Why should trust MAX -Przeprowadzki?

There are no moves that are too complicated. There are only well and poorly organized. Even the best computer cannot plan or carry out a move as smoothly as a team of experienced professionals. We have good ideas, lots of strength and guarantee your safety.

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You can carry out moves for years and still do it wrong: slowly, unprepared, unsecured, any old how, and damaging entrusted goods. Years of providing a service do not always guarantee proper experience. In Max-Przeprowadzki, we have a team of professionals, which conducted thousands of moves to the satisfaction of our customers. We always plan the whole process thoroughly, paying attention to the smallest details, and we carry it out smoothly and in a friendly atmosphere. 

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Time is one of the most important issues while moving. Everyone is in a rush, because everyone wants to get it over with. For this reason, we act with lightning speed since the first contact with the customer. We present our advice and pricing offer within 24 hours. The whole process of relocation is thoroughly planned and carried out by our team of professionals. We have a great number of employees and vehicles in order to ensure that the moving process will take as little time as possible.

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Even the tiniest item has a lot of value, both in material and sentimental sense. All small and large items, devices, clothes, photographs, documents or furniture are secured with cartons, foil, blankets and special knots. Nothing gets lost, nothing is damaged. However, just in case, we provide insurance for all transported goods.

Who trusted us

  • “We confirm that MAX-Przeprowadzki is a reliable, solid company and is a good partner during the moving process. Thanks to the commitment and elaborate care of its employees, the relocation service was conducted in a highly professional manner.”

    Embassy of RSA

  • “We assess our cooperation as very successful. Max-Przeprowadzki turned out to be a solid, responsible and competent partner, adjusting to the requirements of the customer.”

    Eniro Poland

  • “The company MAX Przeprowadzki is a reliable, professional partner. They are well-organized and fully committed while providing a service.”


  • “We asses our cooperation with MAX Przeprowadzki very highly, in particular we would like to emphasize their reliability and flexibility of provided services. Taking all these factors into consideration, we would like to recommend MAX Przeprowadzki as a reliable and valuable partner.”

    The Institute of Aviation

  • “With great pleasure, I recommend Max-Przeprowadzki as a solid, reliable and professional company, whose employees are fully prepared and qualified to carry out the relocation process. Their flexibility, commitment and heart allow to believe that the customer is their priority. Thanks to their professional approach to all entrusted tasks, our cooperation was smooth, stress-free, timely and very friendly.”


  • “Considering our previous cooperation, we assess Max Przeprowadzki very highly. The highest standard of provided services, especially extreme care about the transported items, reliability and professionalism allow us to recommend MAX Przeprowadzki as a competent and solid business partner.”


  • “We highly assess our previous cooperation. MAX Przeprowadzki is a solid, responsible and competent partner adjusting to the customer requirements. Our cooperation allows us to recommend MAX Przeprowadzki as a reliable and competent provider of relocation services.”


  • “We recommend MAX Przeprowadzki and their office in Warsaw. We assess the company as solid, professional and properly conducting their tasks in terms of removals, transportation and utilization. Our previous experience with MAX Przeprowadzki allows us to say that they are reliable and worth recommending. They are a solid business partner.”

    Domain Menada Sp. z o.o.

  • “The service was provided in Warsaw and included transportation of work stations and office equipment. We would like to emphasize the professionalism and experience of the company’s employees, which, combined with high flexibility, guaranteed that the service was provided efficiently and comprehensively. We are fully satisfied with the service and recommend MAX as a solid partner on the relocation market.”

    Monster Polska Sp. z o.o.